Our 9 core members are supported by a panel of over 20 associate specialists. We have barristers, social media experts and even a magician!


After every workshop we use feedback forms. For nearly 20 years over 98% rate our training as very good or excellent. But real impact is not measured in forms. Real impact is measured in the quality of life and number of new jobs created in Ireland.

  • In 2013 one of our programmes alone took 80 long-term job seekers and created 56 new businesses.
  • In 2014 60 existing businesses harnessed their collective creativity and 50% of them changed their whole direction.
  • In 2015 nearly 300 went through a 6 month long full-time programme in the Academy. The results are rolling in!


We believe that nearly every small business is a success. Why?
Well, it may not make a million but it is still someone’s dream and they didn’t just talk about it… they made it happen. They brought their dream to life!

They are a role model to their kids, a link in the supply chain, part of a community and a person who lives with purpose. Training and supporting them, that is our purpose.



We have two Core Values. Firstly, we are dedicated to maximising our participants’ potential, and our own.

Secondly, we believe in the power of continuous education and training, and work hard to constantly pursue deeper understanding and new skills.


Knowing is not enough. It’s doing that counts. So we train people to do business. We quickly push past the theory and get to practice and feedback. It is less comfortable but real learning requires stepping out of your comfort zone into tangible challenges.

We have developed 9 steps to starting a viable business. It’s not linear and there is no exam. The test is the real world. Trainees play with their ideas and by moving quickly, with a sense of fun and curiosity, iterative improvement occurs and far better businesses emerge.