If you need to provide your clients with training, mentoring or any other support  to help them become self-employed or to keep their business in business it’s time to start talking with The Entrepreneurs Academy.

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We design and deliver programmes on behalf of agencies who need to advance the entrepreneurial skills and knowledge of their clients whatever their age…. from 9-90! Our clear understanding and up to date knowledge of all relevant agencies and supports available allows us to help participants build an awareness of how to access exactly what they need to succeed and the confidence to make it happen.




In 2015/2016 we successfully recruited and trained over 300 DSP/ INTREO clients under the Solas Momentum initiative.

All clients were long term unemployed (some for as long as 12 years) and 30% were over the age of 50. Our remit was to enable them to become self-employed and independent of state supports within 6 months.

In addition to the skills development, confidence and network building the programme offered we also facilitated participants in their successful applications for supports such as BTWEA payments and Microfinance, LEO and Enterprise Ireland loans. We far exceeded Solas targets with this programme and helped create over 100 new businesses this year- with some of these businesses already creating further employment.

Just as successful as these new startups are those from the programme who learned that self-employment was not the path for them and instead developed a new focus on getting a job. We delivered great employment success on this programme too–even with those who had been very long term unemployed.

If your agency seeks to promote entrepreneurship as a future or immediate career path and your clients need to build the skills, knowledge, confidence and networks to succeed we would love to chat so we can understand your specific needs and design an effective solution. Or maybe you have another challenge and feel we might be the people to talk to…chances are you are right.

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