Steve Thompson

Steve has been with the Entrepreneurs Academy for over 10 years. He is a specialist in creativity and human aptitudes, combining expertise in psychology and research with practical experience of coaching and start-up businesses. 

Steve has a Masters in Entrepreneurship from the Michael Smurfit Graduate

Business School at UCD, and has been self-employed since graduation, in self-build construction; and international leadership development programme design. He also has been involved in entertainment and freelance production design: In 2011, he designed a show for Riverdance; in 2012 he published a book on magic; and in 2013 he designed and sold an illusion for David Blaine as part of a special effects and illusion micro-business.

Steve is a Trainer, Facilitator, and Coach and has trained hundreds of owners/managers of SMEs in Idea Generation/ Innovation, Marketing, Business Planning and Enterprise Development.