Red Giant


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And now we come… to the greatest Lego brick of them all. Come on, was this ever in doubt? Sometimes, millions of people can be wrong about something at once – you only have to look at the success of bestselling author Dan Brown to see that – but there are fleeting moments when the majority are in the right. The classic eight-studded red 2×4 is the prime example of this. It’s devastatingly simple yet unputdownable, the first Lego brick in the box that we all continue to reach for. It is the brick that makes children cheer and grown men and women cry, a gleaming red champion that just screams ‘Lego’. It might not be the brick you need right now, but it’s the brick that your burgeoning Lego city deserves. A brick that male bricks want to be and female bricks want to be with. It’s a brick that will echo throughout the building ages.


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