Welcome to The Entrepreneurs Academy

The Entrepreneurs Academy was established in 1998 by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. We are the leading authority on entrepreneurship and leadership in Ireland. Revolutionalising how business is done in Ireland for the better is our mission. We are passionate about personal and businesses development, providing people and enterprises with world-leading training on how to do business smarter.

The Entrepreneurs Academy has 23 years’ experience delivering Start Your Own Business programmes – training, mentoring, coaching, networking and driving them forward through accelerator programmes. During this time, our trainers have trained over 80,000 people in Ireland, helping them maximise their potential in life and business.

As a result, we are recognised experts at training entrepreneurs in igniting and growing their business. We have built a strong reputation for delivering training and mentoring programmes successfully for start-ups, micro-enterprises and SMEs. In addition, we’ve worked on behalf of the government, multinationals, and a host of agencies, including Local Enterprises nationwide.

In 2016, The Entrepreneurs Academy joined forces with the largest leadership company in the world, the John Maxwell Team. John C. Maxwell is a #1 New York Times bestselling author, coach, and speaker. Having sold more than 25 million books in fifty languages to date, John is identified as the #1 leader in business by the American Management Association®. Furthermore, Business Insider and Inc. magazine cited him  as the most influential leadership expert in the world. Through our partnership with The John Maxwell Team, The Entrepreneurs Academy has developed multiple, premium courses on leadership, suitable for individuals and businesses alike.

Every day we get the opportunity to work with brave, expansive, inspirational and courageous people. Our expert trainers educate, mentor, challenge, empower, lead and push people out of their comfort zones. We work to develop leadership mindsets and instil the confidence needed to build profitable and successful businesses.