Leadership Game

Virtual Leadership Board Game

    • Are your team members reaching their individual and collective full potential?
    • Do you want to explore and raise your team’s awareness of their leadership strengths and opportunities for growth?
    • Do you want to build a better team culture?

This is a powerful two-hour assessment tool like no other you have experienced before. Based on the teachings of expert, John C. Maxwell, this comprehensive resource will enhance your team’s awareness of leadership, building trust within your team, and helping each individual to reach his/her full potential.

While we facilitate, you and the team get to interact, communicate and connect with each other on a deeper level. Watch as your employees are challenged to examine their leadership intelligence and effectiveness in a fun and safe environment, through question cards, designed to trigger open and honest discussion. John C. Maxwell, has seen his leadership principles work in more than 90 countries around the world. He created this tool to help raise the leadership thought process of everyone involved and test people’s grasp of everyday values and practices. Each leadership principle can be taught and learned.

The Leadership Game is suitable to play with 6 -12 of your team members, but it is highly adaptable for larger groups. A short debrief with the organiser follows the facilitation. This allows insights gained through the tool to be shared so that plans can be developed for future team learning and development. 

The aim within the 2 hours is to increase trust and team buy-in as well as highlighting individual leadership and communication issues that may benefit from support.This game is EXCLUSIVE to The Entrepreneurs Academy in Ireland and can only be facilitated by those who are mentored directly by John C Maxwell.


Leadership Game

Contact Lorraine on email at lorraine@entrepreneursacademy.ie or 086 8270010

Some comments below from participants at previous corporate facilitation of THE LEADERSHIP GAME…

“Excellent teamwork exercise with good insights and great for building trust. Really important in a high performance environment such as ours…more of the same please”.

“It was super, I really enjoyed it and I don’t always enjoy these things. I could continue for another 2-3 hours. Our wider team will really benefit….. A fab exercise”

“I like the construct, how it is facilitated to give everyone an equal voice and how it manages different personalities. We should definitely do it.”

“Great to get to know others better……We need trust to be built across our teams….for people to feel a bond/ loyalty.”

“This gives me great hope. I’ve learned more about this team in 90 minutes than I have in the last 12 months. I like the headspace it gave us all in a very busy week.”

“Fantastic….loved the simplicity….no need for academic models. Best leadership tool I’ve ever come across.”

“As you know I was concerned this would be gimmicky and people would play politically but it wasn’t like that at all….it was so great to get to know the team even better and to realize how much I am trusted which means a lot…I think it will work really well with our management community and is an excellent tool.”

“The honesty was refreshing. It was great that there was no room for politics or it wasn’t strategically (politically) played. I liked the mix of leadership areas addressed. Great to discuss some of the areas. Really good for thinking about my team and succession planning”.