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After every workshop we use feedback forms. For over 21 years, over 98% rate our training as very good or excellent. But real impact is not measured in forms. Real impact is measured in the quality of life and number of new jobs created in Ireland.

Joanne Hession

Founder and Executive Director

Suzanne Carroll


Lorraine Bowen

Business Development & Programme Design

Denise Scully

Manager & Administrator

Rebecca Doyle

Manager & Administrator

Noel Davidson

Director of Training

Sarah-Lyn McKenna

Sales Development

Nancy Ward

Sales & Management

Muireann Fitzmaurice


Michael Keogh

Social Media & Digital Marketing

Margaret Hoctor

Food & Agriculture

Nevin Cody

Personal & Professional Business Development, Sales & Market Research

Clare Fay

Business Finance

Phil Kildea

Executive coach & Business mentor

Felicity McCarthy

Digital Marketing & Social Media

Stephan Murtagh

Sales & Marketing through Exhibitions

Denise Horan

Digital Marketing

Joan Baker

Change Management and Team Performance

Michael Kealy

Business Finance

Luke Robinson

Financial Planning & Strategy

Brenton Ward

Leadership, Business Scalability & Margins

Maria Watson


Joanne Powell

DISC & Team Development

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