Passionate about Social Change? 

Want to develop your creativity, your entrepreneurship, your personal leadership, your awareness and your network? 

This programme will support you to explore and create new ideas that will make a difference – to your community, the environment or society.

Programme now complete – What A Journey!

This programme is for young people (aged 18-35) in Wicklow, with an interest in social enterprise. This 14-week programme is fully funded and will focus on a group of 20 young entrepreneurs.

The participants will be guided on a journey of enlightenment on all things entrepreneurial, covering everything they need to know from A – Z. From ideation and idea twisting and testing, to leadership and team building, through to all the nuts and bolts required, such as financials, legal aspects, marketing, networking and sales. There will be an emphasis on how tech can support new entrepreneurs and how to maximise time using these tools.wa

Everyday, people turn dreams like yours into social enterprises that create employment (for you and others!) They develop their communities and they make change happen. You can do this too by creating new products or services that have a social or environmental impact and by then investing profits made to further your social objectives. Don’t have a product or service idea? That’s no problem, we can help you develop that.

Social enterprises are: ‘’innovative, entrepreneurial and are increasingly utilising new technologies and creative approaches to address social, societal or environmental challenges.’’ If you would like to explore how to make that happen, with 40 others of your age from Wicklow, then get in touch and we will invite you to a short online information session to hear more. For some great examples of Wicklow Social Enterprises already making a difference watch this video!

This programme organised by County Wicklow Partnership on behalf of Wicklow Local Community Development Committee (LCDC) will allow for blended learning online through a ZOOM classroom until HSE restrictions are lifted. There will be bootcamps which will involve a full day of interaction with all 40 participants. These will be highly collaborative events with a lot of group exercises and discussion. Skills workshops will be a slower paced deep dive into specific competence areas that need building with extra Q&A opportunity for 20 participants at a time for additional contact time with each learner.

We will be providing ‘Build Your Website’ tips and tricks, ‘how-to’ training and eight (8) designees will receive a complete bespoke website for their organisation to help them convey their vision and mission to all.

Creating a network within the group will be a key emphasis of the programme. They can learn from each other throughout the programme and after completion. This network will continue to sustain them as they grow their enterprises across County Wicklow.

In 2020, it’s all about video! We will work with each participant to define their ‘WHY’ through both a written and video submission for use in communications across social media and on their website. The WHY is key to the passion which drives social enterprise today.

Lastly, the programme will culminate with an engaging showcase of the collective works created to highlight the CLIMB as they reach the peak of this mountain with Grant Aid Seed Award Funding for the top 5 Entrepreneurial Training Participants to aid with set up costs starting at €3000. In the end, they will see many more challenges ahead, but know they have the tools and knowledge to continue on the journey. This training programme is funded through the LEADER Rural Development Programme 2014 – 2020 and while places are Free to participants – numbers are limited. 

County Wicklow Partnership
Project Ireland 2040
The European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development
Wicklow County Council
Wicklow Local Community Development Committee
Wicklow Leader
Social Enterprise Climb