Board You Can't Afford

The Board You Can’t Afford – Micro SME

With the Board You Can’t Afford, you will:

Ø  Be stretched to set challenge goals that you don’t currently think are possible

Ø  Be held accountable by your peers, providing you with the structure required to achieve

Ø  Be able to share the weight of your trials and the joys of your success through a monthly meeting

Ø  Receive constructive, direct feedback from the group and the facilitator, giving you ongoing support and direction 

Take the time that you need to think and grow as a leader as part of an elite and closed peer network. The ‘Board You Can’t Afford’ is an exclusive programme offering which will allow you: 

    • Learning. Accountability. Networking. Fun
    • Self-Discovery and Honest Self Awareness 
    • Trusted Circle – Your Accountability Board & Resilience Building Techniques
    • Emotional Intelligence and Leadership

For further information or to book in, please email or ring  01 419 7000.