Board You Can't Afford

The Board You Can’t Afford – Micro SME

With the Board You Can’t Afford, you will:

Ø  Be stretched to set challenge goals that you don’t currently think are possible

Ø  Be held accountable by your peers, providing you with the structure required to achieve

Ø  Be able to share the weight of your trials and the joys of your success through a monthly meeting

Ø  Receive constructive, direct feedback from the group and the facilitator, giving you ongoing support and direction 

Most of our programmes are fully funded to help support small business and entrepreneurs.   But when you can afford it we have The Board You Can’t Afford.   A purposeful group of like-minded entrepreneurs who support, challenge, collabortae and hold one another acountable.   Groups are carefully selected and group meetings are facilited by our expert trainers.   There is an annual fee for each member. 

Take the time that you need to think and grow as a leader as part of an elite and closed peer network. The ‘Board You Can’t Afford’ is an exclusive programme offering which will allow you: 

    • Learning. Accountability. Networking. Fun
    • Self-Discovery and Honest Self Awareness 
    • Trusted Circle – Your Accountability Board & Resilience Building Techniques
    • Emotional Intelligence and Leadership

If you are interested in becoming an member of a BYCA group please express your interest here.
For any further information ring  01 419 7000.