Grow your Wicklow EcoTourism Business with Forest Bathing

Forest Bathing in Wicklow

Forest bathing is essentially spending time (that can be done alone or led by a trained practitioner) in wooded or natural areas in order to strengthen your connection with nature by engaging in sensory mindful activities to experience relaxation and rejuvenation. In 1982, Forest Bathing became part of a national public health program in Japan and still continues to be a large part of preventative healing in Japanese medicine. Shinrin-yoku or Forest Bathing is a short, leisurely visit to the forest, and there is strong evidence to support forest bathing to be highly beneficial for your health. 

Vision and Aim

A core vision and aim of County Wicklow Partnership, is to actively promote the concept of ‘Wellness’ in the County following the pandemic of Covid 19. With a wealth of stunning, publicly accessible forests to avail of, which already attract huge visitor numbers in terms of hill walkers, day trippers, etc from both a national and international audience, it is felt that this project will enhance the overall visitor experience to the county.  

The aim of this initiative, is to help actively encourage the awareness, training, development and growth of ‘being in and promoting the natural beauty‘ of the environment of County Wicklow and to encourage the development of the concept of ‘natures natural wellness offering – Forest Bathing’. In addition, it will help build a further tourism offering for both the national, international and the eco-conscious tourist. You will receive support from experts in both Forest Bathing and in Enterprise Strategy. Business topics to be addressed include ideation, communications, strategic planning, finance, delegation, sales, networking, marketing, your online presence, legal, HR, technology, leadership and everything in between. 

The tourism consumers of the future are seeking an authentic quality and ethical experience and also choose their holidays based on lifestyle principles and choices. 

Ecotourism will ensure sustainability at all levels for your business, community and the environment and offer you a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

This programme was organised by County Wicklow Partnership on behalf of Wicklow Local Community Development Committee (LCDC) and allowed for blended learning online through a ZOOM classroom over 20 evenings, alongside a 3 full-day/night forest bathing nature immersive training and a 2 day outdoor first aid course. 

There were 20 evening sessions full of interaction. They were highly collaborative events with a lot of group exercises and discussion.

We provided website tips and tricks, ‘how-to’ training and a group collaborative website for the participants to build visibility for Forest Bathing in Wicklow, promoting all business who complete the programme.

You can visit the website here –> 

We created a network within the group as learning from each other throughout the programme and after completion was key. 

This training programme was funded through the LEADER Rural Development Programme 2014 – 2020. Training was provided by Ecowellness Consulting and The Entrepreneurs Academy. 

County Wicklow Partnership
Project Ireland 2040
The European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development
Wicklow County Council
Wicklow Local Community Development Committee
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