New Website in preparation for a exciting new year

What a week we have just had?  …. and what a really exciting time for QED training?

We have just launched our brand new website to prepare for all the training programmes that we hope to bring you in 2013.

We are delighted to be part of the newly launched “Momentum” program in which we have committed to train 90 people who have been unemployed for over 12 months to “Start-Up : Don’t just get a job – build a business”

This along with our delivery of the Speed Mentoring sessions as part of the Vodafone Smart Startups programme, our training programmes in conjunction with the local enterprise boards and our own custom training sessions means that we are really looking forward to 2013.

Enjoy our new website – which will be growing on a daily basis as we update with all that is happening in the world of QED training and we welcome your feedback.


Momentum – Launch

Today, the Tánaiste Eamon Gilmore and Minister for Education and Skills, Ruairi Quinn launched Momentum – a new €20 million initiative which will provide training and education places for up to 6,500 long-term jobseekers.

Momentum will help jobseekers gain in-demand skills and access to work in sectors of the economy where there are job opportunities, such as areas like ICT, digital media, food processing, and sales and marketing.

Speaking at the launch, the Tánaiste outlined the premise for Momentum: “It boils down to a belief that a person’s first day of unemployment, should be their first day on their way back to work. And we need to make it as easy, and as seamless as possible, for people to do that. The new Intreo offices that are being rolled out around the country – ‘one-stop shops’ that provide both welfare benefits, and advice on training and job opportunities – are a practical example of what we mean.

“So too is MOMENTUM – a smart, flexible approach, that is responsive both to the needs of job-seekers, and the employers who are looking for them.”

Minister Ruairi Quinn added: “We all know that budgets are tight, in households and in the Government Departments. But, we are committed to ensuring that our limited resources are targeted and allow unemployed people to access high quality and relevant education and training. The MOMENTUM model, which sees skills provision married with on the job experience, is a significant innovation in how we spend public money on further education and training.”

Deputy John Lyons also welcomed news that Momentum has allocated €4.2 million of its budget for specific projects to tackle youth unemployment and will allow for 1,500 of the new places to be provided to under 25s.

We at QED training are delighted to be involved with the Momentum project focusing on “Start Up – Don;t just get a job- Build a business” as we plan to train 90 people to set up new businesses in 2013

Do you have a great idea and want to make it into a business? Are you currently unemployed and looking for an opportunity to change your life?

The “Start up – Don’t just Get a Job, Get a Business” programme offers a six month intensive training course that will assist the participants to build their business from an idea into a functioning business in 2013. The training programme will support the budding entrepreneurs through a series of workshops, individual mentoring, skills building sessions which will lead to trial trading and the successful launch of their businesses.

Based on pilot programmes results from the First Impact Report 2012, by delivering training to 90 participants, this programme will effectively sowing the seeds for 175 future jobs within the next three years.

If you are currently unemployed, have an idea, and want to set up a business in 2013 Click Here for further information on how you can take the first step to making this happen.

For further information please contact us 

Additional Info:

  • “Don’t Get a Job, Get a Business”is open to anyone who is unemployed 12 months or more.
  • QEDtraining is one of premier training companies in Ireland and they are experts in getting people started and staying in business. QEDtraininghas delivered over 6,000 start you own business courses across the country and have been vital in helping the participants move from idea generation to starting their own successful businesses. 

Microfinance Ireland

Microfinance Ireland has been funded by the Irish Government to provide loans to newly established and growing microenterprises (turnover less than €2m; staff less than 10) across all industry sectors that do not meet the conventional risk criteria applied by banks. In the first instance you should approach your bank for credit. In the event that credit is declined, you are eligible to apply to Microfinance Ireland for a loan.

Microfinance Ireland works in partnership with the County & City Enterprise Boards who can assist with training and guidance in preparing your business plan. They will also conduct an initial evaluation of the quality of your business proposal for a loan application.

Loans from Microfinance Ireland benefit from a guarantee issued under the ‘European Progress Microfinance Facility’ established by the European Union. For further general information on the ‘European Progress Microfinance Facility’ check out the following link and EIF.

n order to be eligible to apply for a loan, you will need to have a commercially viable business proposal that has been declined by a bank and then if you meet the following criteria you are eligible to apply for a loan.

You Need To Be

  • •    Startup or existing microenterprise
  • •    Employing less than 10 employees

Microfinance Ireland works in partnership with the County & City Enterprise Boards who can assist with training and guidance in preparing your business plan. They will also conduct an initial evaluation of the quality of your business proposal for a loan application.

More details on how to apply here  [button url=”” target=”_blank”]Microfinance Application[/button]

Vodafone Smart Start-Ups Launch, Dublin, September 20th

QED was proud to be involved in the launch and provision of training for the launch of the Vodafone Smart Start-Ups initiative at the Vodafone Experience Centre in Leopardstown, Dublin this past Thursday evening. With a turn out of 40+, the evening was considered a great success by all.


Joanne Hession – facilitator on the night


After an opportunity to network at the beginning of the event, complete with food and beverages, Joanne Hession took to the stage to explain the evening, as well as to introduce the two guest speakers for the evening: Grainne Barry, the managing director of and, and Sean Sullivan, creater of MapInfo and head of Avego, as well as appearing on RTE’s “Dragon’s Den,” who each gave presentations about lessons for start-ups, as well as answering questions from the audience.

After the presentations and Q&A were over, the participants moved downstairs for some “speed mentoring,” 15 minute slots with a QED trainer on a particular subject field – the three on offer being “Social Media,” “Marketing,” and “Business Productivity.” After the 15 minutes were up, they had to move to another table. This happened three times, before the evening drew to a close. Check out some of our trainers deep in conversation with the participants:

Noel Davidson – Trainer on Social Media
Phil Kidea – Trainer on Marketing
Steve Thompson – Trainer on Business Productivity

The Vodafone Smart Start-Up Initiative moves now across the country, where QED will provide training in the cities of Cork, Galway, Limerick, and Leitrim, before finishing up in Dublin again in March. If you’re interested in attending, all you have to do is click here to visit Vodafon’s dedicated site for the initiative, and register for the event which interests you. You can also see some videos of start-ups around the country providing the hints and tips, as well as seeing some advice from Sean and Grainne.

In the mean time to whet your appetite, check out some of the photos taken on the night!

Grainne Barry
Sean O’ Sullivan

First Step Mentoring and Loans

A new First Step initiative has been funded through the Labour Market Activation Fund and it is an excellent opportunity for people in Cork and Kerry who wish to set up their own business to access finance, mentoring, coaching and ongoing support. There are only 20 places available on the specific network that we at QED will be running for First Step and we plan to have recruitment finished by the end of August as we would like to get started with the group in September. We have already allocated 5 places in the network.

Under this programme, QED has been given the capacity to assist 20 participants in Cork/Kerry and using our team of specialist trainers, coaches, mentors and a panel of experts, we will assess their strengths and weaknesses and provide them with practical, tailored and one-to-one assistance to get them up and started in business. The programme of coaching/mentoring/support will last approximately 15-20 weeks and during this time there will be an entire suite of workshops, networking events and coaching sessions, tailored to each individual participant. It will be intensive, utterly practical and very hands on. The programme is being managed by First Step who have accessed the funding through the Labour Market Activation Fund. Access to start up loans will be provided through First Step. There is no charge for participation in the network but a rigorous selection process is in place to ensure the correct candidates are chosen.

· Funded by: First Step through the Labour Market Activation Fund

· For further information contact Dorothy on

· Participant profile: The ideal candidate must satisfy 3 criteria. They must be unemployed for the past 3months (in receipt of unemployment benefit or unemployment assistance); they must require funding support; and they must have a business idea that they are driven and hungry enough to set up in 2010.

As Joanne Hession, Managing Director of QED Training says………“this initiative is an excellent opportunity for start-ups that are in need of mentoring and finance that cannot access finance through other enterprise agencies or financial institutions. For our specific micro-enterprise network we are inviting enthusiastic people that want to get started up in business before Christmas 2010, who would like to access coaching, mentoring, training workshops and networking sessions tailored to their own specific needs and requirements. The programme is fully funded by First Step through the Labour Market Activation Fund and European Social Fund”.

Developing Skills That Help Businesses Succeed

QED provide practical management training in all aspects of business, delivering relevant and measurably effective training to enterprises of all sizes, from new start-ups, to SMEs, to plcs. We are also vastly experienced in the provision of research services to the business community.