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leadership discovery board game

  • Are your team members reaching their individual and collective full potential?
  • Do you want to explore and raise your team’s awareness of their leadership strengths and opportunities for growth?
  • Do you want to build a better team culture?

The Leadership Discovery Board Game is a powerful two-hour assessment tool like no other you have experienced before. Based on the teachings of expert, John C. Maxwell, this comprehensive resource will enhance your team’s awareness of leadership, building trust within your team, helping each individual to reach his/her full potential.

This Game, which is fully facilitated by a certified John Maxwell Entrepreneurs Academy team member, requires your team to interact, communicate and connect with each other on a deeper level. Watch as your employees are challenged to examine their leadership intelligence and effectiveness in a fun and safe environment, through question cards, designed to trigger open and honest discussion.

John C. Maxwell, has seen his leadership principles work in more than 90 countries around the world. He created this  assessment tool to help raise the leadership thought process of everyone involved and test people’s grasp of everyday values and practices. Each principle can be taught and learned.

The Leadership Discovery Board Game is suitable to play with 6 -12 of your most influential team members. This game is EXCLUSIVE to The Entrepreneurs Academy in Ireland and can only be facilitated by those who are mentored directly by John C Maxwell.

Everything Rises and Falls on Leadership, Are You and Your Team

Ready for The Challenge?

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“Thanks Entrepreneurs Academy for facilitating your Leadership exercise with us.  It was one of the most powerful sessions I have ever attended.  Looking forward to what comes next.”

Niall McDevitt, Director of CPL Healthcare