Grow your employees, expand your business

Do you want to build yourself and your team as leaders and do you want to maximise and expand your business potential? The demands, challenges and opportunities of the 21st century workplace are very different from what they were before. Today’s leaders need to be equipped for expansion and change more so than ever before. Company leaders and management teams require the knowledge, skills, tools and know-how to inspire and lead their workforce in order to succeed.


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At The Entrepreneurs Academy, we understand leadership. In 2016, we joined forces with the largest leadership company in the world, the John Maxwell Team. A #1 New York Times bestselling author, coach, and speaker, John C. Maxwell has sold more than 25 million books in fifty languages.

Our leadership development training is based on our own and John’s proven leadership practices and lessons. These are the same skills, principles and values that he has used to train and develop leaders of nations as well as Fortune 500 corporate entities for nearly fifty years. Our leading trainers are John Maxwell certified, having trained in the USA. They are highly skilled in delivering accredited leadership development programmess suitable for all levels from junior employees to top-level management. We are the only company licensed to deliver these accredited programmes in Ireland.

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