Start your own business – the smart way

It is said that in business, learning comes before earning and entrepreneurship can’t be taught, but it can be learned. At The Entrepreneurs Academy, we believe that knowledge is power. Once you have thoroughly researched, tested and measured your business idea and are confident that it is viable, it’s time to launch into start-up. We offer practical, expert-led, start your own business programmes, specifically designed to assist entrepreneurs in taking the next step.

Our start-up programmes are not about learning about business, they’re about learning how to DO business!

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Our structured courses bring together the essential elements of running your own business including sales, marketing, finance and leadership.  Our expert trainers, demonstrate and teach each with tactical depth, ensuring you have a clear understanding and know-how, to action each component.

All of our expert trainers are entrepreneurs themselves. They have been there, made mistakes and learned how to grow from them. As you are the driver of your business, our trainers put you in the driving seat. They educate, guide and mentor you, as you embark on your journey to self-employment.

Available Start-up Courses