ABOUT THE PROGRAMME: This is a complete 14-week FULLY FUNDED incubator programme designed to equip YOU and support learners through the process of starting a business. The programme isn’t learning about business, it’s learning to DO business! Some participants will already have a business idea and others will not, that’s ok, the programme helps to develop and refine ideas until they are viable.

WHAT DO YOU NEED?  Leaving Certificate or equivalent workplace experience (Under 25s must have skills-based qualification to enable them to set up a business unless they have a relevant business idea).

WHAT DO I GET? All the support, advice and practical training you need to get you started in business delivered by a team of experienced entrepreneurs.


✔ Business Planning

✔ Idea Generation & Personal/Professional Development

✔IT For Start-Ups and Small Business

✔ Coaching & Mentoring

✔ Building Your Business

✔ Start Your Own Business

The next Kick Start programme will begin in September 2022. Please register your interest below!

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This programme has been developed on behalf of the DDLETB and is a fully funded programme.