Board You Can’t Afford


Board You Can’t Afford – 4 Quarterly Sessions

September 2022, January, March & June 2023 – 9am – 5pm

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The Entrepreneurs Academy – Board You Can’t Afford


This is an ideal opportunity to invest in yourself. With the Board You Can’t Afford, you will:

    • Be stretched to set challenge goals that you don’t currently think are possible
    • Be held accountable by your peers, providing you with the structure required to achieve
    • Be able to share the weight of your trials and the joys of your success through a quarterly report
    • Receive constructive, direct feedback from the group and the trainer, giving you ongoing support and direction

The Board You Can’t Afford will be led by Joan Baker and consists of 4 full days from 9am – 5pm; one per quarter. The day will include lunch and refreshments. Provisional dates: We will use Doodle poll to find a suitable date in September 2022, and at that session agree to January, March & June 2023 dates.

Minimum of 10, Maximum of 15 people — Price: €1,200 plus VAT