Our Top Trending Workshops!

      • Leveraging Chat GPT for SME Strategy
      • Creating Video Content that Drives Results
      • How To Maximise Etsy and Shopify
      • TikTok for Business
      • Amazon as a Gateway to New Customers
      • Canva – How to Build Easy & Engaging Content

Trading Online & Websites

  • Create a WordPress Website
  • Maximise your Website: SEO and other tools
  • Trading Online Voucher Seminar Part I
  • Trading Online Voucher Part II
  • Amazon as a Gateway to New Customers
  • Maximise Etsy & Shopify for growth
  • Search Engine Optimisation SEO
  • How to Advertise Online with Impact


        • Podcasting for Beginners
        • Canva - Build Easy & Engaging Content
        • Shop Local
        • How to Advertise Online with Impact
        • Market Research to Grow your Business
        • Effective Marketing on a Shoestring
        • Creating Video Content that Drives Results
        • Smart Phone Video and Photography Skills

    Social Media Marketing

        • Social Media for Small Business
        • Facebook for your Business - Beginner
        • Facebook for your Business - Advanced
        • Instagram for Business
        • Twitter for Business
        • LinkedIn for Business
        • TikTok for Business
        • How To Maximise Etsy and Shopify
        • Search Engine Optimisation


        • Grow Digital for Micros: Future Proofing Your Business using Smart Tech Tools
        • Lunch and Learn from an Expert

    Leadership & Management

      • Build Back Better, 3 Lessons in Leadership <
      • Future Proofing Your Business
      • Time Management
      • HR - Protecting your Business
      • Managing Performance and Productivity of Remote Teams
      • Minding your Mind in Business
      • Present & Pitch
      • Minding your own energy in energy crisis

    Creative Competence

        • Innovation Workshop - Tools and Techniques for Innovation
        • Creativity & Innovation
        • Idea Generation
        • Business Planning & Goal Setting

    Sales & Communications

        • Go Outside - Markets & Outdoor Event Sales
        • Stronger Together through Collaboration
        • Sales via Social Media

    Financial & Legal Literacy

        • SME Financial Management - Beginner
        • SME Financial Management - Advanced

    If you are looking for greater impact, a programme offering might be more appropriate. For those just starting out we have a variety of Start Your Own Business courses ranging from 5 to 10 sessions, wherein a module based system is utilised to provide participants with the skills and knowledge required.  As part of these programmes, we also support the participants through the creation of a peer support network which is often as valuable in building their confidence and connections.

    We also offer supports in Leadership Development for Founders and/or their leadership teams. These include:

        • Management Development Programme
        • Leadership Development Programme
        • DISC Assessments for Entrepreneurs and/or their team
        • 8-week Licensed Masterminds on Leadership

    We can create customised programmes to meet the needs of your clients, so please make contact with our CEO Lorraine Bowen to discuss any of the above programmes or a customised one.

    Contact our Programme Management Team for more information on our Workshops and Programmes

    We would be delighted to work with you and your clients!