Ben Claudon – The story so far of one of our interns at QED training

After 6 months studying as Erasmus student in the Institute of Technology Tallaght I had to find an internship to complete my Business in foreign language degree. I could either return to France, my native country, or stay in Ireland. Naturally I picked the second option, which allowed me to practice my English a little more. So I contacted an agency to find the internship which would match my skills the most. And I found it…

When the agency showed me the QED training offer I immediately wanted to arrange an interview because I saw the opportunity to put into practice everything I learned during the last past 3 years with this fantastic Company. A few days later I had an interview with Romina and a week later I received the green light to work with QED training.

Working with QED is the achievement of my degree, it is all what I expected for an internship.

The QED team opened their arms to me and introduced me to the different responsibilities I may have. I just started few weeks ago but I have already gained a lot of experience. I have developed my communication, and marketing skills. I have been taught how to build a business, in theory, but it is far more exciting to assist the building of different kind of companies step by step. Moreover I discovered a wide range of useful tools, to create a website, to design and take surveys and conduct market researches.

I especially appreciate the fact that we are all involved in the QED projects. This is a way to meet people and meeting goals together. So far my most enriching experience occured on the 18th of March at the National Business Expo in the RDS. Indeed it was an amazing day because I helped to design the stand, to answer people’s questions and to meet other representatives of numerous companies. It is much more interesting to be on the other side of the stands. I also had the chance to  attend to training sessions in Dublin and Bray where we are currently delivering the Momentum project.

I have been learning a lot since my first month at QED but I have the feeling that marketing and social media won’t have any secrets for me…..

My journey continues !