Cham Zein – My Entrepreneurs Academy Story

Cham Zein, a student of University of La Rochelle, has been interning with us here in The Entrepreneurs Academy, Dublin, for the past three months. In this blog post, Cham shares a little bit about his previous education, and what he’s been getting involved in while interning at The Entrepreneurs Academy

As a first year student in my Master’s Degree, I had to do a three-month internship. I have studied foreign languages since 2009, and have found that the best way to practice any language is to go abroad. Before beginning my current studies at the university, I obtained a HND in Marketing and Management.

During my second year of undergraduate studies in 2010/2011, I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to study at the University of Seville, Spain for one semester. It was a great university experience. I was able to improve my knowledge of Spanish as well as other areas, such as History and Portuguese.

During the last year of undergraduate studies, I did a five-week internship at an embassy in France. It was a great opportunity for me to discover the professional world.

Now, I am in a Dublin-based company called The Entrepreneurs Academy. It is also another excellent opportunity for me to improve my English speaking and writing skills. I am also in charge of some daily tasks and responsibilities within the organization. I mostly deal with weekly Internet submissions from the participants of the Momentum Programme regarding their online learning progress. Another responsibility that I have is to do research on SMEs that I compile into a weekly report for The Entrepreneurs Academy.

I am grateful for this experience both professionally and as a way for me to improve my language skills. I consider this experience a positive influence on me and my future.