Sophie Meunier – The story so far of one of our interns at QED training

Right after high school I knew what I wanted to do; choose the business school which would give me the opportunity to gain professional experience and live abroad …..And I found it,  the ESDES Business School in Lyon.

I always loved to travel; Spain, Italy, Poland, USA etc. so why not finding an internship out of my own country, France, and live abroad.

Through the years I specialised in what I like the most, marketing and communication and got to spend some fabulous times in great companies, being part of projects and meeting great people.

Today, after 3 internships and an amazing semester in England, here I am working in Ireland with QED Training and its great team which welcomed me a few months ago.

5 years later when I look back I realise how lucky I was to be able to achieve all my goals….. so far !

Back in November I talked to Joanne and I presented my mission/goals, Marketing, Social media, Market research and Brand-building and she showed me my how wide and interesting my work would be in the company.

When I arrived in QED Training a few months later I was introduced to the whole team and, one by one, they told me about their work here, what I would do with them; and work could begin…

Since January, a book was launched, new projects were developed, we were part of the National Business Expo in the RDS and I learned about how to manage a website.

Only 2 months gone and I already had so many experiences the only question is ……. What’s next…?