1 Strategy that will radically change your startup

“How do I get clients? How to do I start off in business. How can I help people to trust me?”

These are common questions for a lot of entrepreneurs starting out in business for the first time. They can be convinced that if they just get a few clients, word will soon spread through referrals, and then they will have a full portfolio. But how do they get past the first obstacle of building trust in a business relationship? The answer is to create an…

Irresistible offer
An irresistible offer isn’t just something that you give away for free; lots of people give things away for free but there’s no point in doing that if the inherent value isn’t really there. Do people actually want it? The offer is only irresistible if people get it for a very low price or absolutely free IF they would normally expect to pay for it. For example, if I offer you a pen when you already have a pen and have no need for an additional pen, I haven’t given you an irresistible offer. On the other hand, if I find out what your needs are, what challenges you have and what your goals are, I am in a much better position to make you an offer you don’t want to refuse. Remember, the person has to normally expect to pay for a similar product or service.

Your offer will change depending on your business and whether you sell a product, a service or both. Many tangible businesses offer free product samples, while many service based businesses offer free consultations, over the phone or in person. Here are some common examples of offers:

Free downloadable ebook
Free 15-30 minute phone consultation
100% satisfaction guaranteed
30 day money back guarantee
Free product sample
Free service sample

Of course there are more types of offers than just these so you can use your own creativity to find out what works best for you. Remember to give your customers plenty of opportunities to avail of your offer and advertise to potential customers so that they can find out about your business.

Typically, some people don’t like the idea of giving away a part of their product/service without immediately receiving anything in return. If they don’t need to make an offer because they have enough business, that’s fine. However, if they find that what they’re doing isn’t producing any results, it’s a good idea to consider some alternatives. The other aspect to remember is that you can always end your offer once you have built up enough customers to generate referrals and repeat business.

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