The single best way to generate repeat business for your startup

At the start of any business it can be daunting to generate enough customers to keep the business afloat, especially in the B2C (Business-to-Consumer Sales) world. Startups and self-employed people need to generate, not just business, but repeat customers that develop into consistent revenue streams.

Of course, every business owner should do market research to validate their idea, but they should also assess their market and identify yearly trends and buying patterns. When and where do their clients buy? This information will be crucial to the survival and success of the business.

Furthermore, there is another strategy; develop strategic business partnerships with other companies that serve different needs of similar customers. It’s the single best way to generate repeat business that is consistent, because you have all the traffic of another professional organisation that benefits from sending people to you. Why do they benefit? Because either

1. You’re sending people to them as well or
2. You give them a reward (a percentage of the sale, advertising or other)

Here are a few examples:

– A website development company that teams up with a social media and digital marketing company.
– An organic food supplier who partners with a local cafe.
– An illustrator who links up with a video producer.
– An accountant that send clients to a solicitor, and vice-versa.