Leadership & Management Development for Creative Business Owners

Do you work in the creative sector and run your own business? Well, as I’m describing the following problems, do you identify with them and am I describing you?

  • You work hard
  • You don’t pay yourself enough
  • You don’t take time off
  • You don’t plan for the future (living and running the business week to week)
  • You are slow to hire
  • You don’t ask for help

Now while I realise that those statements could apply to any business I do find however that it applies more commonly to business owners in the creative sector more than anywhere else. Owner/managers of businesses in the wider creative sector are skilled masters of design and craft, but they need to build their leadership and management skills. In order to see their excellent products and services reach the people they need to reach and provide them the lifestyle they deserve, they need to invest time in training, education and skills development in their design discipline.

The team at the Entrepreneurs Academy have designed a leadership and management development programme specifically for creative business owners to realise the full potential in their design excellence. This is a 20 week course which aims to up-skill the self-employed owners/managers of small businesses within the creative industries with the management skills, leadership skills and business knowledge to achieve sustainability and growth in their business. It aims to equip and support them in reflecting on their success so far and in defining a clear vision for the future. It will help them in setting and measuring ambitious but achievable goals. It aims to give small business owners in the creative sector a greater sense of control and focus within the business especially with regards to building sales and financial management skills. A business can only be as strong as its leader so the course will develop and enhance the leadership, management, personal skills and behaviours of the learner. We help build the leader and equip them to in turn build a stronger business with ambition to scale.

Our course aims to be highly practical, impactful and outcomes focused. The course will be based in Dublin City Centre and will last for 20 weeks. Although Dublin based, this programme is open to applications from learners outside of Dublin and scheduling of all elements have taken travel and work commitments into full consideration. If you feel that you would like to know more about the course, click here or alternatively feel free to get in contact with us here at the Entrepreneurs Academy via springboard@entrepreneursacademy.ie

Noel Davidson
Lead Trainer, Entrepreneurs Academy