Philip King – My Entrepreneurs Academy Story

It is hard to believe that nearly 12 months ago I was just about to step into The Entrepreneurs Academy for the very first time. They say time flies when you’re having fun, and this has certainly been the case with my time in The Entrepreneurs Academy.

Looking back now in retrospect, I’ve done more in this one year in the working world here at The Entrepreneurs Academy than I’ve done in a lot of other years. And I would be willing to bet that I’ve done a good deal more than a lot of people. I’ve certainly bucket loads. It’s not every day you have the opportunity to work with industry leaders and experts when it comes to finance, marketing, social media, management, networking, negotiations and PR. That is of course if you don’t work with The Entrepreneurs Academy – with this company, every day provides a new opportunity for learning, both from an abstract theoretical point of view and from a practical hands-on experience.

And as I predicted when I reached my half way point with the company a number of months ago, I wasn’t short of projects or events to look after and be involved in. From playing a role in the Momentum programme run by The Entrepreneurs Academy, being heavily involved in the content management system used by the company, project co-ordinating, event designing, to even moving from trainee to trainer in one instance, every day that I’ve spent with The Entrepreneurs Academy has provided a well-spring of opportunities and challenges.  There were challenges and issues to be faced, to be sure. But what I’ve found is that with The Entrepreneurs Academy being such an easy and pleasant company to be a part of, they have rarely lasted any great length of time.

Of course all of this learning isn’t for naught – I return to my studies come late September, with the knowledge that everything I’ve learnt in The Entrepreneurs Academy will be put to the absolute best use. More than that, having reflected on the past two years of study, my time in The Entrepreneurs Academy has allowed me to see just how the abstract and sometimes aloof theory of business translates into real world application, something which for a person of my learning style and personality comes as a major piece of my time here in The Entrepreneurs Academy.

People in my own personal sphere of life have often asked me how my time in the office has gone, and on nearly every instance, it has been nothing short of 100% positive. The Entrepreneurs Academy not only provides some of the highest quality education and training I have had the privilege of being witness to, but they foster a community of growth and development, of encouragement and support. And that’s why I have no hesitation in recommending them, both as a training provider, and as a possible place of employment.

In closing then I offer my thanks to the entire team, those still around and those who have moved onto new chapters in life away from The Entrepreneurs Academy. To the interns and admin staff, trainers and managers, you have made this year possible for me and for that I am monumentally grateful. A special thanks to Joanne and Noel for giving me the opportunity to work with and learn from you. This won’t be the last time my path with The Entrepreneurs Academy will cross, to be sure.

Wishing you all the best in every single endeavour.