Travis Teare – My Entrepreneurs Academy Story

I had just completed my second year of my undergraduate degree at my home university, Adrian College.  It is located in the state of Michigan in the United States.  During that year I had looked into doing an internship abroad that would give me credit towards my degree.

I am studying Business Administration with a focus in Marketing, and a minor in Economics.

Through a slightly long process, I was able to start looking for a host country, and an internship abroad.  I settled on Ireland for the fact that I have never been to Europe, and only speak English.  Therefore, Ireland seemed like the perfect fit.

The moment that I saw the opportunity to interview and work with The Entrepreneurs Academy I knew I should take it. The Entrepreneurs Academy seemed like the perfect opportunity to learn about everything business, specifically because they help entrepreneurs set up their own businesses.

The The Entrepreneurs Academy team has been incredibly welcoming, and has helped me learn a great deal through my two months with them.  I have refined my speaking ability; I have gained practical experience in organizing, marketing, and administrative tasks.  But what I have found most interesting was sitting in on the training sessions with the Momentum Program and learning about what it takes to be an entrepreneur; the sessions were both informative as well as motivating.

I appreciated being involved in everything at The Entrepreneurs Academy, and being welcomed as a team member.  It has been a rewarding experience that I will carry with me in my personal and professional life, thank you The Entrepreneurs Academy, and The Entrepreneurs Academy team for making my summer in Dublin very memorable.